Mountain Specialists

What we do

Mountain Specialists, offers a high quality and professional ski-instructor & mountain guide service, to help you experience your best days in the mountains.

All our mountain specialists have many years of experience working all over the world and believe in a customer centered approach. We respond to your needs and will tailor you the perfect product. Our technical skills, knowledge and passion in our fields make us highly qualified to take you under our wings and live up your expectations.

Who we are

Our lives had been revolving around mountains, skiing in the most beautiful and renowned places. We have spent the last decade teaching and sharing our knowledge with others, spreading our passion and inspiring the new generation of skiers. Our dedication pushes us to aim for excellence in everything we do, and we believe that with Mountain Specialists we can give you a true incredible mountain experience. 


Professional skier Giulia Monego has dedicated all of her life to skiing. Born by the sea in Venice, she grew up in the beautiful Dolomites, where her love for skiing was born. Since a young age she quickly realised the value of her passion, and let it guide her through the hardest decisions of her life. Now she’s able to say that she’s been living her dream. 

Beside many years of experience in competitive skiing, freeriding (former Verbier Xtreme champion… ) and ski mountaineering at the highest level, she’s also a qualified ski instructor, dedicated to share her experience and passion with others.

She worked over a decade in the freeride Mecca, Verbier, where she specialised in teaching off-piste skiing and coaching freeriding. Her mountain skills have taken her all over the globe, skiing first descents and exploring to the most remote corners of the planet, lighting up her desire to become a mountain guide. She is now aspirant guide which means that she can practice her job for a couple of years before taking her final exams.


She skied in Chamonix since 2001, but only recently made these mountains her home, playground and daily paradise. In partnership with Paolo, and with a small and highly qualified group of instructors and mountain guides, she set up this premium ski platform,in order to offer the best product on the market, and to respond to the needs of the skiers of today.

Paolo Belletti is one of the most dedicated ski instructors you’ve ever met. His Italian charm and eloquence makes him a very charismatic person, full of humor and energy. After years dedicated to skiing and acquiring the top certifications in the sport, his entrepreneurial spirit has let him travel around Europe to expand his knowledge, learn languages and acquire the market skills for starting his own businesses. 

For a decade he chose to live in beautiful paces, switching between winters on snow and summers by the sea, where he started his own business on the beautiful island of Ibiza. His flexibility makes him comfortable in any situation and suitable for all kind of tasks. If you have the privilege to ski with him, you will surely remember him for the rest of your life. 


Chamonix is the skiing and mountaineering epicenter of the world. Internationally renowned, every year it attracts thousands of people for the most diverse reasons. From simply the beauty and spectacular view of Mont Blanc, the highest peak in western Europe, whose summit is visible from the center of town, to the most extreme activities anyone can imagine. The outdoor activities are probably the highlight of the town, but even a stroll in the charming center streets is as characterful as it is on the hills. Here the seasons are exceptionally different from each other, and the climate allows a big diversity of atmospheres and activities to do, according to the month of the year. 

Between the elevation of 1000m and 4808m (the new height of Mt Blanc in 2015!) you will surely find you perfect ground to satisfy your need of adventure.