Danny calls himself fortunate to guide and ski in some amazing places around the world. His home base is Chamonix, but his previous guiding work has been focused in Antarctica, Yosemite Valley, Bolivia's Cordillera Real, the Alaska Range (Denali), and all over the continental US.

In the last few years Danny has found in the Alps his home and his favorite terrain to guide and play.

Listing an impressive resume, he’s a great rock climber and an excellent skier, that count him as a top IFMGA/UIAGM guide in all fields.

Danny he’s the right person that will transmit you the real passion for the mountains and will take you under his wing to experience it in the safest way.


 Marco Eydallin, was born in Sauze d'Oulx, Italy and the mountain has always been his greatest passion. In winter he loves skiing on all terrains in all conditions, where his excellent skills make him perform at the highest level whether he is in fresh powder, on the piste, ski mountaineering or in the snow-park.

 Marco is a great teacher and that’s a consequence of his life attitude, putting  himself always into new and challenging situations, where to learn something new at every stage and then pass it over to the younger generations. He has an alpine racing background, he performed at the top level in international freestyle competitions and he's a qualified ski coach, beside obviously being an Italian ski instructor (ISIA).

His important collaboration with the national federation of ski instructors (AMSI) and his personal achievements, make him on the most respected skier in Italy.

His true passion now is teaching the younger generations and bring them to ski at the next level


Professional skier for many years, italian and swiss ski instructor, passionate climber and real mountain lover, Giulia has become also a mountain guide UIAGM so now she can fully share her passion with the others. Born by the sea in Venice, she grew up in the beautiful Dolomites, where her love for skiing was born. Since a young age she quickly realised the value of her passion, and let it guide her through the hardest decisions of her life. Now she’s able to say that she’s been living her dream.

She lived many years in the Swiss ski town of Verbier, where she started both her ski instructing carreer and her competitive freeriding that brought her to live a long professional ski carrer. 

Her love for the mountains brought her to move to Chamonix in 2015 for fully appreciate the mountains in every season and seek new personal objectives in the steep skiing world. 


Paolo was born in Turin (Italy), moved to Sauze d’Oulx in the Piedmont Alps, he started skiing very young and cultivate the passion for skiing and the mountain in general.

Paolo has been training during the years to became an Italian ski instructor (ISIA) and be able to share his passion with other people.

He has traveled around Europe to expand his knowledge, skiing the best resorts and collect the highest ski-coach certification;

After six year spent in Verbier, Switzerland, Paolo decided to move to Chamoix and open Mountain Specialists to dedicate himself at the mountain activities full time and keep learning in this fantastic world.